Share your projects

ENGINEERSDESIRE Welcome you to share ideas, final year projects, mini projects, hobby projects, Neat hand written/soft copy/self-prepared classroom notes on academic subjects. It adds great value to  others who is in-need of study materials and a guidance to students who like to do similar type of projects in their academic years.

We understand that students come-up with unique ideas which are really nice and we can implement those ideas in real life which empower our community.

Please post your projects directly by adding your name,title of projects/study materials. Alternatively you can send project report and software codes(if any) to

We value your efforts and ideas behind your project. Please take credit by adding your name as Author  and it will be visible to all viewers. As many websites doesn’t give appropriate credit to the Author.

Important note: Do not share your Intellectual property information (if any) that you are going to claim by patent rights and any copyright protected materials like text books, etc.

All materials will be reviewed by ENGINEERSDESIRE Author’s before being published.