Non-Isolated Buck Converter Using LinkSwitchTM -TN2 LNK3204D/P/G

By | November 1, 2017

Non-Isolated Buck Converter using LinkSwitchTM-TN2 LNK3204D/P/G

This buck converter board provides a non-isolated 12 V, 120 mA continuous output in which the LinkSwitch-TN2 IC serves as the main component. This LinkSwitch-TN2 integrates a 725 V MOSFET and control circuitry into a single low cost IC. Its regulation is achieved using a low cost resistor divider feedback network. The switching frequency jitter feature of the LinkSwitch-TN2 family and the 66 kHz switching frequency of operation helps reduce EMI.

This device is used to supply the control circuits and micro controller in metering applications.

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