High Power LED Controller

By | August 6, 2017

High Power LED Controller

The LDS9003 is a 3-channel and LDS9001 is a 1-channel LED junction temperature monitor and control device intended for use in high power LED solid state lighting applications. It connects directly to a LED anode and the PWM input of available high power HB drivers to real-time adjust LED current to meet maximum LED temperature. A two wire I2C interface allows communication to a local low cost microcontroller or other remote host processor device.

LDS9003 / 9001 can improve thermal management of high power LED systems by controlling reliable LED junction temperature levels to meet maximum operating lifetimes. In addition, it can reduce cost by allowing operation at optimal LED current/luminance levels minimizing the number HB LED lamps per fixture required to meet illumination targets.

The LDS9003/9001 utilizes the LED-Sense sensing and control algorithm that directly measures the LED junction and controls the temperature by closed loop adjustment of the LED Driver current via PWM duty cycle corrections.


  • High temperature LED current de-rating and thermal control using the LED-Sense algorithm that directly monitors LED Tjunction
  • No external thermal sensor is required
  • Up to three temperature sensing and control channels on LDS9003 supports multi-point thermal monitoring or multi-color LED applications; LDS9001 is a single channel
  • Programmable Temp vs. PWM Duty Cycle profiles (3 for LDS9003; 1 for LDS9001)
  • Integrated PWM for dimming control of high brightness (HB) LED Drivers in logarithmic duty cycle steps from 0% to 100% (~ 0.17 dB / step)
  • PWM Dimming Control range of 256:1
  • I2C compatible serial programming interface
  • Interfaces to available high side HB LED drivers and low cost microcontrollers
  • LDS9003 is available in a small footprint 3 mm x 3 mm2 16-pin TQFN
  • LDS9001 is in a 3 × 2 mm2 8-pin DFN

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