Graphics LCD based on Microcontroller

By | November 1, 2017

Graphics LCD based on Microcontroller_1.png

The LCD reference design is developed using the Kinetis KL28Z through the standalone peripheral module FlexIO. The polling method is used to copy data from SRAM or flash to FlexIO’s shifter buffer. Image Kinetis board is powered by an ARM┬« Cortex-M0, providing up to 96 MHz CPU performance besides supporting ultra-low power. KL28Z’s FlexIO emulates 8080 interface, and drives a 320×240 TFT LCD module. DAM or displaying applications, such as HMI, can be built based on this demo. The refresh rate is up to 128 fps with 16-bit width data bus and 48MHz core clock.


  • Features the Kinetis KL2828Z512 Board, the interaction between a LCD display by FlexIO, a highly configurable module capable of emulating a wide range of different communication protocols.
  • The important feature of this peripheral is that it enables the user to build their own peripheral directly in the MCU.
  • Developed using Kinetis Software Development Kit (SDK), comprehensive software support for Kinetis MCUs and drivers for each MCU peripheral, middleware, real-time OS and example applications designed to simplify and accelerate application development on Kinetis MCUs.

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