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Embedded Systems Troubleshooting with Oscilloscopes

This training module provides an overview of oscilloscope fundamentals, focusing of troubleshooting embedded controllers. It will review embedded controller architecture, discuss serial date decoding and triggering techniques in oscilloscopes with specific examples of I2C and SPI decoding and triggering. The oscilloscope has the ability to perform serial triggers, and also can trigger on an ID.…

Single and Multi Pole Filters with Op Amps – Video Tutorials

List of Contents: Session#1: Single Pole Filters Session#2: Single Pole Filters with Op Amps Session#3: Multi Pole Filters with Real Poles Session#4: Multi Pole Filters with Sallen-Key Session#5: Active vs. Passive Session#6: Analog vs. Digital Session#7: Chebyshev vs. Butterworth vs. Bessel Session#8: Q—The Quality Factor of a Filter Session#9: Sallen-Key vs. Multiple Feedback Session#10: Active…

CUI in the lab – AMT zeroing and one touch

  CUI in the Lab series takes viewers inside the engineering lab for technical and application-based demonstrations on the latest technologies from CUI. In this video CUI’s VP of Motion Control, Jeff Smoot, demonstrates the fast and simple process of aligning CUI’s innovative AMT modular encoder series versus an optical encoder. Author CUI  

Controls and Mechatronics Teaching Demos

Mechatronics lives at the intersection of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. And students are expected to have instrumental understanding of the fundamental concepts in each area and how they integrate within complex systems. Increase the rate at which students discover concepts and build real-world solutions with an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware for mechatronics.